Friday, December 29, 2006

Little Miss Addison!

How adorable she is!

Can you tell theres been lots of babies lately! :)

Miss Addison was welcomed Dec 7th - and after some camera shy issues.. she did great!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Mason James McNosky

Can you say SWEEET BABY!

Dec 8th is now the birthday of Mason James..

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Presenting Baby Jillian!

On Nov 20th Baby Jillian Reese Pitts was born!


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Friday, October 13, 2006

Christmas Time!

So now its cooler I guess its REALLY time to think about Christmas stuff!

Here are some links to new shows I made for the vendor fair tonight and also soem previous weddings and stuff! :)

Friday, September 29, 2006

What can I say.. Beautiful and Fun ... the Gulbis'

The location was gorgeous and bride was beautiful and Travis bought the fun! The Gulbis wedding was one of the most animated and fun weddings I have ever been at! :) It had its gorgeous photo opportunities at the Maple Manor Hotel..

Then the fun started.. with PLENTY fo Dancing!

and finally the memories were made! Laughing, crying we had it all!

Senior Pics time!!

I guess its time for Senior pics and I got the opportunity to meet Sam and Traveller this Tuesday and capture their relationship!
It was a lot of fun, and its amazing how beautiful horses are up close but also how BIG they are! But Traveller and Sam look perfect together!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Beautiful Wedding!

The effort and hard work that Amy put into her wedding really showed, everything was beautiful, including the bride!

The image's will be up soon, he are some of my favorites though!

The girls, the reception were all breathtaking and very inventive!
No time to go through all of these now.. but I should have them all up in a week or so! :)


And have fun in Gulf Shores you guys!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A cool Cloudy day!

Well if cool is 95! But really today at 8.30 it was actually VERY pleasant and a little breezy... I had a great time taking pictures of my next upcoming wedding! Amy and Justin looked trendy, and we almost tried to take over what looked like a Penneys shoot!

With the great weather and my own 2 great models! It was a very successful shoot.

Friday, July 21, 2006

A day in the park!

So when I say "day" I mean morning! and yes its still 100 degrees then, when will this be OVER!

Besides that we did get our feet wet in the stream, for some "frollicking" pictures! :) Jennifer and Hernan took some great pictures, we definately seem to have kept it water themed with the heat that surrounded us.

Its hard to look good in that kind of heat, but they definately pulled it off!
How Cute... Awwwwwww

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So how hot is HOT..

I Thought shooting last weekend was rough.. MAN its now hitting 106 -109 everyday! we have been above 100 for 8 days straight. I am so glad and thankful to have the studio so that I have a way to offer my clients a spot out of the sun~ I cant wait til the fall when its actually possible to go outside again and you dont have to keep al your blinds and curtains drawn just to keep cool!

UGH - Alaska anyone!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Engagements at the Arboretum!

Its July, its probably 200 degrees, and here we are hanging out at the Arboretum! it wasnt as bad as all that really! LOL We caught some great breezes and Meredith even got to put her feet in some water.

Jason was not so happy about water.. so he didnt get to cool down! :)

I really did enjoy it, and cant wait til the wedding! YAY

Full Gallery at

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hot Girls!

WOW Look at those LUVERLY ladies!

6 Knotties got together last night to have some FUN we had wine, dip and some GREAT make up! :)

I had a wonderful time breaking in the studio with these girls, and I KNOW that they probably went out after we crashed to break some hearts!

OH and my HUSBAND didnt even recognise me! HA

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Announcing! PIGGIE TOES!

This is the introduction to a new site that is in the making! I have always loved doing annoucements, save the dates, and other graphics. So have decided to make the design side its own entity! and along the way it will be joined by other great baby things!

The idea behind it is that I can take the images and design it, or you can send me your images, I will "do my Sara thing" as its been called! LOL and make you a unique and one of a kind announcement!

If you have anyone that needs announcements or would like to submit images let them know! as a new customer they will receive a low rate!

So go take a look!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Brides are Gorgeous!

I am so blessed to work with brides! they are all fantastic! and so far not many crazy ones! :) this is Kristin she is one of my October Brides! and looks ravishing if I do say so!

We had a mucho fun and not toooo hot morning at the Las Colinas Canals..

I cant wait they are going to be FUN!

Babies Babies everywhere!

Its a season of BABIES! Everyone is Pregnant... my friends, my brides (the married ones :) and I have gotten to capture most of them so far! They are adorable and its the best part of my job to follow people through the next phase of their life.

In August I will be hosting a "Cutest Baby Competition" trying to think of another name right now, I mean they are ALL cute! More to follow!


So a Brit saying Yee haw is pretty funny! RIGHT.. LOL

But I was lucky enough to work with the lovely ladies at Mrs United States and firstly help choose our very own Mrs Frisco who pictured here went on to become Mrs Texas. Congratulations Jennifer!

SDS Photography combines talents with Studio Dance Center in Frisco

SDS Photography recently joined forces with Julie Lucia at Studio Dance Center in Frisco (at Teel and Main St) they recently opened to offer classes to kids and adults alike, including get this wedding chicks.. BALLROOM dancing.. wanna know how to dance right at your wedding! Email Julie!

The New face of SDS

One of my recent brides Jaclyn found a cove at TWU and we made this wonderful image! She will be appearing on my new card, and her picture is pretty much everywhere right now! :)

Even in my new studio... oh did I mention that.. I have A STUDIO! its in very nice Frisco, the official opening will follow soon, but my unofficial opening is this Friday with 4 LOVELY ladies from the Knot fame! Cant wait to see what we can do!

Welcome to my new blog

I figured I was a little behind the times, all companies have blogs right! especially photographers!

Well here it is.. I will be using this "tout my wears" the up and comings of SDS Photography, which will one day be a household name.. a girl can dream right? thats what this is... a dream.. a dream come true!

Welcome to my lifes work, come here to catch up on images, events, specials.. slideshows!

I cant wait to see what we can become.. who knows maybe I will end up on