Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Jarvis'

So this is the wedding that we can thank for our newest addition.. how? you say! LOL Well while trying to get pregnant I said "OK August would be the worst month as I have a wedding then" but what do you know after 6 months of trying we fell pregnant, oh and not just due May but ON Nicoles wedding day! Nicole took it all in her stride, and I am hoping she wasnt TOO mad at me! LOL
Gavin stepped in and became me for the wedding, and my sister in law was a saviour at the last minute and did a WONDERFUL job.. Nicole you wont be dissapointed!
I was also feeling up to making the wedding in the end too.. just for a few hours after the wedding :) It was nice to get a haircut and dressed up and put make up on I felt almost normal! :)
So Nicole this is for you.. Thank you for your patience with us and I am very happy with how it all worked out.. heres a taster from when I got there! :)


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Our newest addition..

Please help us welcome the newest addition to our family :) and probably the best one! :) sorry puppies.. LOL

Hendrix was born via C Section on April 26th 2007 it was amazing and everything went perfectly, I am healing pretty good I think, I have nothing to compare it to..and he is the sweetest thing.. he is really making it easy on us.

Feel free to check out our personal blog for more updates on Hendrix and the whole Scott family :)