Thursday, November 20, 2008

TOOO CUTE - Happy Almost Christmas season!

So I am behind on posting.. but this was too cute not to post right away! Taken this morning.. I was eager to capture her eyes.. and a bit of christmas.. I think this says it all :) 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mr and Mrs

Ever thought about getting those fun pics of you and your Mr before its not all about you anymore.. or its been a while, or you didnt get engagements - not the new hip ones anyway! :) 

I do those too.. have a day spoiling yourself with pampering, then come on down and get some fun pics!

Tiny Little Ones!

Announcement to follow!! 

The most alert 10 day old I think I have ever met!! 


Leighton and Landen!

Look who it is.. yup they are on here almost as much as Hendrix! LOL 

Leighton and Landen came in last week and Leighton is taking the form of a little girl! I think its the teeth! she was crawling from me alot.. when the walking starts I am in TROUBLE!!!!