Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sorry Kids!!

It made me laugh too hard! :)

Happy Easter!!!


Look at those BUNNIES!!! :)

Monday, March 12, 2007

A beautiful Day!

So Saturday was just beautiful, although as far as pictures go.. a little too sunny! Finally in the shade of a pear tree in a parking lot we got some memorable shots!

Miss Margo!

Margo is now a little photo bunny, she poses, smiles and even looks at me! :) Shes a joy to photograph.. and she loved those little yellow flowers!!! :)

Ellie and Nolan!

So adorable! They were very ready for their pictures! Nolan smiled from the moment I saw him! and Ellie is just becoming a very experienced little model :)

awwww Mr Bendy and Ms Cheeseball! :)

Hey they named themselves! I merely commented :)

I had fun on Sunday with Holly and Brandon, everyone had ideas about how the pictures should look, and luckily I still had SOME creative juice left! I swear this kid better crafty, cause hes stealing all my ideas!!!

Heres a few just for Holly, while shes waiting on her pics! :)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Easter Cuties!!!!

Wow I have had some CUTE kids lately.. but these 2 are adorable! :) Aidan is a bit of a ham! and Ava I am sure will get into it one day.. although she still did really well today!

Busy Saturdays!

Well trying to get all this stuff done before this little one pops out is a challenge! Its making it go fast though, as I want to have all my shooting done by April 1st, you know thats only abou t2 more weekends! I dont have much time at all!!!

Anyway this Saturday I had kids, and babies and brides! :) Each challenging in their own way! (except you Ashley!) ;)

The Hudsons almost all full of smiles! :)

Little Mr Landon! striking his most popular pose! That of pure fear of my camera! :)

Ashley glowing!

And last but not least.. my new favorite baby! :) Evan.. soooo cute!