Monday, May 26, 2008

A celebration!

A beautiful bride, church and day for a wonderful celebration, I think this was the first wedding with Flamenco Dancers and even a very colorful Dragon.. yes a dragon! 

You guys are awesome! 

Babies, Mommas and um babies! :)

Awwww babys on the way! :) 

3 precious little girls! :) 

Maceys 5! :) 

Jilly Jilly Jilly! what can I say! 

Friday, May 23, 2008

A posting Frenzy!

Awwwww.. Ashley and Aaron rocked, laughed and probably sweated a little! on our jaunt around everywhere.. but sooo cute! and can you tell the laughter was real... 

What was that... plasma screens?? in a water tower.... nOOOOOOO 


Thursday, May 22, 2008

A slideshow I forgot!

The senior pics! What fun... plus I think I double posted the pics below.. thats how much I enjoyed it! LOL 

Slideshow CLICK HERE

New pics.. New look

Ahhh a fresh new watermark type look! What do you think!? 

Heres some recent favs! 

Meet Little C and THOSE eyes! 

My Lil lovebirds! 

Baby on board! (join us soon! ;) )

A Mothers Day gift.. I love making these collages and this one was 30x30! HUGE! 

Sassy Senior pics! 

Awwww what a cutie.. :) He found the bike! :) 

More seniors!

Aww little baby shoes.. I have to keep repeating.. I dont want another one (yet!) :) 

Ah but then you meet little C and think.. maybe I do! :) what a CUTIE! 

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Its Spring time! :)

And you can tell, because my inbox is full, theres ALWAYS pictures on my camera to work on, and the weather is fabulous! Although the latter will only last a few weeks I am guessing before its 90-100 degrees CONSTANTLY!

So heres a few pics from this week! :)
Lil Ms Powers!
Some cute cute seniors! she was stunning and lots of fun, in fact her whole family was :)

Who needs bluebonnets when you find these CUTE little flowers! A cutie couple, poor guys had to battle the winds though! we still got lots of fun ones though! :)