Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 Little Cinderellas!

While this makes me want all little girls.. I also feel daddys pain! thats alot of work! LOL

Some example announcements

I have had some requests to see samples of announcements :) so here are a few.. from photo paper to triple folded :)
They are all unique to their shoot and made from scratch.. no templates... (unless someone sees something the like!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

We are BACK!

So after a JAM PACKED June, and then a refreshing vacation I am back! Although vacation wasn't solely a vacation I did do SOME work.. much to the disappointment of my holiday goers! Ahhh what am I saying.. they had a blast with my rash the dress shoot! When do you get the opportunity to get pretty girls in dresses to run around a beautiful (if not cloudy) beach! I believe they also had fun!

Its taking me a while to get through ALL the pics.. but everyone was anxious to see this one I know! LOL

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SDS Photography featured in D Weddings!

WOW!!! That was all I could say yesterday when I heard that THE DWeddings issue had come out.. so how did it look, a few calls to Shannan and an email or 2 from Travis and I had a good idea! Then last night I went to have a little celebration with them (as much as you can in Pjs and work out clothes! LOL) which was lots of fun, and got to see it in person! and still was completely floored by the nice things that were written, I am very a lucky girl!

The article is online here D WEDDINGS and also in print (but apparently not in any stores near me!)