Thursday, October 04, 2007

The thing about photoshop..

I didnt do this.. it just amazes me what can be done now a days!

Senior Specials now available!

So its that time.. or so they tell me, I am british I have no clue! LOL Senior Pictures are apparently a big deal.. I have done some in the past, but luckily for you I am using my in experience of this event to offer a wonderful special for seniors this year!

Heres it!

Shooting fee (at the Cotton Mill in Mckinney) $75
Packages starting at $50

and the possibilty of having someone on site for your hair and makeup $75!

All images will be online just like these engagements (which were at the Cotton Mill so you can see if you dont already know!)

You will receive a link to send to friends and family :) so they can buy their own :)

Appointments now being taken :)