Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Jarvis'

So this is the wedding that we can thank for our newest addition.. how? you say! LOL Well while trying to get pregnant I said "OK August would be the worst month as I have a wedding then" but what do you know after 6 months of trying we fell pregnant, oh and not just due May but ON Nicoles wedding day! Nicole took it all in her stride, and I am hoping she wasnt TOO mad at me! LOL
Gavin stepped in and became me for the wedding, and my sister in law was a saviour at the last minute and did a WONDERFUL job.. Nicole you wont be dissapointed!
I was also feeling up to making the wedding in the end too.. just for a few hours after the wedding :) It was nice to get a haircut and dressed up and put make up on I felt almost normal! :)
So Nicole this is for you.. Thank you for your patience with us and I am very happy with how it all worked out.. heres a taster from when I got there! :)


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