Thursday, May 06, 2010

Cool | charms

They're here!!!!

Finally I figured out the glitches.. and we have some sparkly spangly new awesome charm pendants!

There are also bracelets, keychains, small charms.. allll kinds!!! and completely personalized, you can use one of your wonderful images from us, or you can use one of your own.

They are also available to other photographers at a wholesale to feel free to drop me a line for information

Visit the Etsy store to place an order or just email me :)

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Karissa said...

Sara, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the baby booties! I did not do any alteration of the pattern. I used interfacing AND fusible fleece inside the booties, but other than that I followed the directions (which are kinda confusing). I did make the second size up, not the smallest; and I don't think I could go smaller, because sewing around those curves is tricky! Here's some other (free!) bootie patterns that I haven't tried but looks easier than the Amy Butler one:

Good luck!